Tips for Property Managers


Property management is a tough job! Between owners, tenants, and maintenance workers—there are plenty of time-consuming responsibilities. However, property owners and potential tenants need to have confidence in your abilities as a property manager. Here we will cover some tips to help you become more effective. And if you’d rather hire property management in Longmont, we can help with that, too! 


Know Your Properties Well

Get to know the details of the properties you manage.

 - Knowledge of any unique details or quirks of the property allows you to answer questions from potential renters. 


Stick to the facts, like:

- Restaurants and shops nearby

- Transportation access

- Utility details


Avoid more sensitive information, such as:

- Crime rates

- School districts

- Churches

- Racial population in the area. 


Providing information on these topics could be considered illegal steering. Potential tenants need to do their own research to make sure the area fits their needs. 


Respond to Tenants

Your tenants (and potential tenants) should see you as dependable and trustworthy.


- Be available

- Respond to calls, texts, and emails in a timely manner 

- Patience and people skills go a long way

- Listen 

- Try to problem solve

- Use your best customer service skills


Yes, you will be busy and will likely have some calls outside of business hours, but it’s important to be reachable in case a tenant has a property emergency. Keep folks as satisfied as best you can. 


Market Your Properties


People search online for potential homes/apartments. Make sure your online marketing highlights your properties so people are enticed to know more. 


Ensure your advertised properties have:

- High-quality pictures

- Useful information

- Plenty of details 


Have a Good Team?


As you grow, you’ll likely need to hire a team to help with more responsibilities. For example, you might add a leasing agent to handle:


Questions about rental properties

- Paperwork

- Show properties to potential tenants 


Then you can focus on property owners’ questions and tenant issues. 


Make it clear to tenants and property owners who they should contact for different inquiries in order to resolve issues quickly and efficiently.


If you’d rather not muck about with property management at all, you can outsource this to companies like Turner Realty. Our full-service property management in Longmont costs only 10% of the monthly collected income, and we don't charge leasing or administrative fees. We have an excellent reputation in the community and our rentals are all in the Longmont area. Please contact us if you have questions about property management!